Cancer Awareness for Pets

The terminology surrounding lumps, tumors and cancer are often a little daunting sometimes, and is usually a source of confusion. One thing to stay in mind is that the word tumor …
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Veterinarian: A Superhero

AVMA (American Veterinary Medical Association) recognizes that veterinarians are the only doctors educated to protect the health of both animals and people. They work hard …
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JUST a Nurse

Some of them would say they are superhumans. They work as vet techs, nurses, or vet assistants. They are passionate, caring, and devote their lives …
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Urethral Blockage in Cats

Urethral blockage occurs when cats are unable to urinate, this life-threatening condition is unfortunately very common and it is always considered as an emergency, if …
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In the Life of a Parakeet

“He has become a part of our life now,” a touching line from the interview that we had with Mittu’s family; a 22-year-old ring-necked parakeet. 17th …
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