Here at The City Vet Clinic, client education is one of our top priorities. We want you to have informed knowledge about your pet’s nutrition. Our team is composed of qualified vets with expertise in therapeutic diets and nurses whom we are proud to call nutritional ambassadors. The best way to get a foothold is to start learning by visiting or calling one of our clinics for you to understand the basics of pet nutrition. There is no “one-size-fits-all” option when it comes to nutritious pet diets, and that is why we made sure that all our branches have a variety of quality premium foods and a good amount of supply to cater to your pet needs. 

Every client that comes in is assisted by one of our expert staff to select the right food with an emphasis on these considerations:

Your Pet Has Unique Nutritional Requirements

Sometimes pet owners come to their veterinarians and ask why they can’t just buy “XY” food because it has similar claims in improving health? After all, both are considered to improve kidney function, for example. However, there is a big difference. Therapeutic diets are scientifically developed to meet the specific needs of your pet, such as those who suffer from kidney disease, cardiovascular problems, or pets having allergic reactions to certain food ingredients. Our qualified experts in pet nutrition, either a vet or a nurse, could assist you in selecting food from our wide range that suits your pet’s dietary requirements.

Your Cat or Dog is Significantly Overweight

Overindulging your beloved furry friend is not suitable for their health. Yes, we get that. However, it is difficult to say no to those cute faces when they are begging for food—giving more than the recommended quantity is familiar to pet parents without realizing the after-effects of obesity. However, suppose your cat or dog is significantly overweight. In that case, our veterinarians and nutritional ambassadors could formulate a personalized diet and can teach you the right amount to give daily to shed those extra pounds.

Pet Nutrition Experts at The City Vet Clinic

If you are looking for an expert in pet nutrition, we can lend a hand. We have nutritional ambassadors with an equipped knowledge and have certifications to provide nutritional counseling. On top of that, all our branches have a good supply of pet food and have a wide range of selections from premium brands. In addition, our enthusiastic and dedicated ambassadors are ready to run nutrition clinics and answer your questions regarding your pets’ dietary needs.

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