When it comes to grooming, each pet is different. Our groomers can understand each dog or cat breed’s special haircut needs and always listen carefully to your personal preferences. Our complete grooming services include haircut, wash, nails, and ear care. We also provide medicated baths when advised by the vet, especially in cases of fungal infection. At The City Vet Clinic, we also offer grooming services for rabbits and good wing clipping and beak/nails trimming for birds.

The City Vet Clinic: Leading Pet Grooming Experts in UAE

Being an attentive, caring, and affectionate pet owner, your number one priority becomes your pet’s cleanliness. From trimming nails to getting rid of dead falling hair, grooming pets is an essential task every owner must take the time out for if you want your pets to live a healthy life!

To make it easy and convenient for you, The City Vet Clinic is a veterinary grooming-based clinic that provides the best pet grooming services like health check-ups, eye, and ear cleaning, brushing so that your pet can look refreshed, clean, as well as healthy.

Why choose The City Vet Clinic for Pet Grooming in UAE?

The City Vet Clinic ensures your pet’s health and safety. We focus on making pet grooming as convenient as possible for you. Our focus is being the best pet grooming in Dubai and the whole UAE region. With professional and compassionate grooming staff focused on providing veterinary grooming, you have nothing to fret about. Our veterinary doctors and groomers are from diverse medical fields and capable of handling a variety of pet categories, making them one of the finest experts in this field in the UAE.

Our grooming services include the following, which is not limited to:

  • Haircut
  • Nail Trimming
  • Ear Care
  • Medicated Bath
  • Hygiene Area Clipping
  • Anal Glands Expressions

Benefits of Timely Veterinary Grooming

There are a lot of benefits that you can easily enjoy when you are giving regular pet care and grooming to your furry loved ones. When you have regular veterinary grooming done, you can eliminate especially ticks & fleas promptly. It also prevents your pets from developing severe health conditions. Taking your pet to a grooming vet can benefit both of you as the vet can detect any problems your pet might have and start treating it before it spreads or could become a severe health issue. Rashes, lumps, or any signs of infection can be detected immediately. The necessary precautions will be taken as soon as possible since the veterinarian is just a step away.
Brushing your pet regularly will help avoid matted fur, especially for dogs and cats. Timely veterinary grooming can have a positive impact on your pet physically as well as mentally. The City Vet Clinic makes sure your pets feel good and have a healthy mental state through a professional and satisfactory grooming session with one of the finest pet groomers in Dubai and the UAE region. 

Category of Services for Veterinary Grooming

Cat Grooming

It’s known that cats require almost regular grooming, primarily due to their dead falling hair. Cats grooming in Dubai and some parts of UAE has been made easy through the City Vet Clinic.  We deal with all kinds of cat furs like the long, coarse, or silky. In addition, we offer brushing services to make sure that there are no tangles. We also provide bathing and nail clipping services. 

Dog Grooming

Regular grooming not only helps your dog to stay clean but also prevents risks of skin irritations. For example, a dog with a double coat of fur has higher chances of ticks and fleas; thus, they must be taken to a professional grooming vet. Our services include brushing and coat trimming with teeth brushing. A bath, eye cleaning, and nail trimming are also part of our basic grooming package. 

Rabbit Grooming

Rabbits are more sensitive than other pets. Therefore, they need to be handled carefully with extreme caution and proper attention throughout the grooming procedure. Special attention needs to be given to their hooves, and regular scaling and buffing are also required to ensure there are no sores. Our grooming professionals here at The City Vet Clinic are highly experienced in pets, including rabbits. 

Bird Grooming

Even though most pet owners might have birds as their pets, few pet grooming salons in Dubai and the UAE as a whole have experienced professionals in treating and grooming birds. Our groomers are trained to provide feather preening services to ensure that the bird’s feather remains smooth. In addition, we offer beak and claws clipping which helps prevent your birds from getting chipped or claws getting damaged. We also provide bathing services for birds.

Our Clinic Locations 

The City Vet Clinic has become an experienced and refined veterinary clinic to offer a grooming pet salon in Dubai and the whole of UAE, resulting in multiple branches throughout the region. 

The City Vet Clinic

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