Any systemic condition that might affect your pet’s general health is a matter of internal medicine which our vets will address. Various pathological disorders related to animals’ gastrointestinal system, cardio-respiratory, urogenital, musculoskeletal, and neurological system or skin or eye problems need a meticulous approach that can sometimes be simple but often requires further diagnostic tests or a referral to one of our specialists.

It can often be challenging to diagnose some of your pet’s medical conditions. Certain such illnesses require more advanced diagnostics and management, may not be responding to conventional treatments or may be a rare disease that can be difficult to treat. In these situations, your pet may need to be evaluated by certified specialists who could adequately assess your pet’s diagnosis and treatment management. The City Vet Clinic is home to internal medicine specialists ready to help with any complex cases. Our team is dedicated to caring for dogs and cats, birds, and pocket animals with chronic and life-threatening illnesses. Our specialists also collaborate with other team members with specialties in cardiology, surgery, clinical pathology, pet emergency, and critical care within our organization to arrive at a diagnosis and create a comprehensive and correct treatment plan.

What to expect?

During your visit with one of The City Vet’s internal medicine specialists, a thorough assessment will be done to understand complicated medical issues properly and to find out why your pet is not responding to current therapy. Our team focuses on complex cases that involve multiple body systems along with infectious diseases. These metabolic and immune-mediated conditions are challenging to manage and require additional diagnostic testing and more advanced therapies. In addition, our IM specialists are experienced in endoscopic procedures, gastrointestinal and respiratory illnesses, among others. 

Contact one of our branches should you wish to book an appointment with our qualified internal medicine specialist.

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