Our hospitalization facilities are state-of-the-art and built to the highest standards. We like to think that our hospital area is one of the fully equipped facilities in Dubai and most parts of UAE. We would be pleased to give you a guided hospital tour on your next visit. 

At The City Vet Clinic, we have the facilities you would expect in a modern pet hospital. Here are some of the few:

  • Critical-care patient monitoring devices including an ECG, pulse oximeter, and respiratory alerts;
  • Purpose-built separate cat and dog wards, isolation room, and a recovery room. These areas are cleaned and maintained daily following general infection protocols;
  • Each ward has soft & thick absorbent beddings that are designed to keep your pet dry and comfortable at all times;
  • Each ward is equipped with intravenous fluid pumps, heated lamps, oxygen tent, and incubators;

Our standard operating procedure is that for every patient admission, a skilled and dedicated nurse is assigned to each patient to give them continual monitoring and care, ensuring that their medication, feeding, and recovery plans are properly charted and followed. 

To ensure that your pet always receives the highest level of care they deserve, all staff provides close attention to detail and gives hugs & kisses. 

The City Vet Clinic

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