Veterinary Vaccination Services

Pet vaccination

Every pet needs a loving home and a great life. To make sure you stay true to that commitment vaccinations are the most important step. Vaccinations help keep your pets safe from major diseases like Rabies, Parvovirus and Adenovirus.
But it is important to understand that vaccinations are not just your responsibility to your pet but to the society in general. City Vet Clinic is your one stop vet vaccination clinic to fulfill that responsibility. These vaccinations help you:

  •  Avoid costly treatments later for diseases that could simply be avoided.
  •  Avoid any disease spreading from your pets to humans.
  •  Preserve your pet’s life and keep it living a healthy life.
  • Ensure that dangerous diseases that are untreatable are avoided in both pets and animals.

City Vet Clinic is the very best of pet vaccination services to ensure quality of life for your pets. We provide the very best vets for pets vaccination to ensure safe and effective administration of all vaccines to your loved pet.

Vaccinations for Dogs Cats Rodents & Other Pets in Dubai,UAE

Vaccinations must be undertaken for any and all variety of pets that you wish to keep under your care. That is why vaccinations are available for several different types of animals including dogs, cats, rodents and other pets.

When it comes to Dubai, vet care vaccination services are available for all species. City Vet Clinic is the premiere services for vaccinations dubai and stands to ensure all your and your pet needs are met. In doing so, we ensure that we have all core and non-core vaccines available for all your pets.

It should also be brought to notice that vaccinations are necessary for your pet whether your pet stays indoors or outdoors. Therefore, if you plan to keep your pet inside, it still does not count as an excuse to delay vaccination. Furthermore, your pet could also contract a virus upon being bitten by minute bugs too small to be seen by you.
To avail any and all services for vaccines, we ensure that we are reachable for all pet owners in duba

Get Dubai Municipality pet vaccinations at City Vet Clinic

In addition to our very own services at our clinics, City Vet Clinic Clinic provides help to any and all owners get in touch with the Dubai Municipality. This is an organization that overlooks and regulates the number of strays on the street to ensure that the general population is safe.

In doing so, the Dubai Municipality overlooks the provision of vaccinations dubai among these animals. They maintain a record of all and any animals on streets with their tags. In addition, any pets lost must be reported to the Dubai Municipality.

As a part of our effort to ensure effective vaccinations for everyone, we aid the Dubai Municipality in providing these services too. That is why all vaccinations by the Dubai Municipality are available at the City Vet Clinic be it dog vaccination or cat vaccination dubai.
Come visit City Vet Clinic Clinic for all your vaccination concerns today!

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