Rocky and His Journey with Hip Dysplasia

Rocky and His Journey with Hip Dysplasia

“Hopping through the Years” is this year’s theme celebrating the different stages of life of our long-eared, short-tailed companion. Indeed, this is so timely and appropriate in the case of Rocky who was brought into the clinic to have surgery to fix his dislocated hip. He is a rock star, a fighter who deserves to be celebrated today during International Rabbit Day.

Hip dysplasia is more common in certain breeds of dogs and very rare in rabbits. According to a study, subluxation or luxation of joints can have a traumatic or congenital origin which is the same in the case of Rocky as he just suddenly became lame in one leg when he was first brought in. In rabbits with a splay leg syndrome of the hind limbs, endotorsion of the femur’s long axis and anteversion of the femoral neck can be seen. In some cases, congenital subluxation at the hip joint is detected. Rocky’s positive diagnosis was confirmed through a radiograph and a surgery was performed (Femoral Head and Neck Ostectomy) as the best treatment option for him.

His surgery went well and almost after a month, he is rocking again with his two loving human best friends and with the rest of his family. His activities are still guarded up until now but are receiving the best support care at home.

So as we celebrate this special rabbit day, we are encouraged to consider not only the companionship they can offer but their welfare overall. Spend more time with them and look for *signs and symptoms of a dislocated hip that your pet rabbit might be showing:

  • An abnormal or unusual stance including inability to hop
  • Dragging of the legs
  • Decreased movement in the limbs and tail
  • Paralysis or weakening of the limbs
  • Trauma and in pain
  • Appears guarded
  • Increased muscle tone in the front limbs to compensate for the loss of movement in back limbs.

Here at The City Vet Clinic, our success rate with these types of surgeries is pretty high which is evident in the satisfaction of Rocky’s family after his discharge and during his recovery period. And while it has been a journey, Rocky is soon to be hopping again as good as new. In the meantime, his family is just happy to celebrate this special day with their favorite hutch-dweller.


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