Payment Policy

Payment Policy

Easy Payments & Convenient Options   

The City Vet Clinic offers world-class veterinary care at reasonable and affordable rates. While we operate on a payment-at-time-of-service basis for all outpatient practice visits, routine, and other elective surgeries, prescription and laboratory services, we are pleased to offer a variety of payment options for pet owners.

We accept any of the following payment options:

•           Cash
•           Debit/Credit Cards (Visa & Mastercard)
•           Bank Transfer
•           Payment Link
•           Spotii (Payment Plans Available)

Collecting payment when services are provided guarantees our ability to keep our hospital operating with well-stocked supplies and consumables, medications, maintain a well-equipped facility, and sustain our enthusiastic and passionate team of dedicated employees. 

Payment Plans

The doctors and staff members of The City Vet Clinic recognize that urgent animal care and emergencies arise unexpectedly and can cause financial hardship among our pet parents. For the best interest of your pets, we offer financing via Spotii. With Spotii, you are sure that you’ll get the best treatment for your pet immediately and pay it over time with no interest installment plans.

Get your pet care it needs and pay later with Spotii.


CARECredits is your pet’s savings account to help you plan and secure your vet bills ahead of time. This is not your typical pet insurance, we just want you to be hassle-free in getting approvals, no deductibles, no premiums, just DISCOUNTED CREDIT SAVINGS up to 365 days. Moreover, in cases of hospitalized pets, you can automatically enroll with our CareCredit plans and use the credits towards your existing bill.

To learn more about our plans and packages, click here.

Pet Insurance

Pet insurance is now active again in the UAE because of the increasing trend of pet ownership in the region.  Due to the lack of an appropriate tool to sustain pet’s medical bills and help owners to get rid of stress and burden when it comes to their pet’s veterinary care and costs, various insurance companies are activating their network to widen pet’s medical coverage. It is now becoming popular again and while it doesn’t cover everything, it can be a huge help when your pet suffers an unexpected illness or accident.

As such, The City Vet Clinic is pleased to partner with Royal Trust; the region’s first pet insurance made for your furry friends. Once covered, we are happy to help you submit your claim seamlessly as possible to try and help expedite your reimbursement.

To know more about the coverage and get an instant quote, click here.

Please don’t ever hesitate to ask your primary doctor to create and provide you with an estimate of charges before any treatment recommendations. We want to help you and have informed decisions regarding the health of your animals, and this includes financial and medical considerations. While our doctors are committed to providing optimum care for our patients, they may be able to offer acceptable alternative treatment plans if indeed necessary.

Here at The City Vet Clinic, we just want the best for your pets. Our goal is to provide an exceptional client service, with world-class diagnostic, patient and surgery care.