The City Vet Equine Clinic

About Us

City Vet Equine Clinic offers 24/7 specialized medical care for horses. Based inside The Dubai Polo and Equestrian Club, the clinic is easily assessable on Al Qudra Road, from Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayad road or Emirates road. The clinic is offering a multitude of services from emergency and critical care, regenerative therapies, and dentistry, to field diagnostics and treatment. Here at City Vet Equine, we strive to provide the highest standard of care, given with compassion.

Our Services

Lameness Locator

The lameness locator is an inertial sensor system that utilizes two accelerometers. These sensors accurately detect and quantify forelimb and hind limb lameness when the horse is trotting in a straight line as well as lunging in a circle. The inertial sensor data is transmitted to a tablet computer so that kinematic algorithms can be performed on the collected sensor data. Difficult lameness exams such as demonstrated in horses with a head nod and an asymmetric hip excursion can be challenging to diagnose; therefore, the lameness locator provides objective measurements.


Emergency/Critical Care 24/7/365

We are happy to provide 24/7 ambulatory emergency services. There is always a doctor on call after hours, weekends and all holidays. We also offer 24 hour emergency services for all horses that can be shipped into our clinic.

Infrared Thermography

Infrared thermography: is an imaging technique, mapping body surface temperature changes which may indicate inflammatory, vascular, or neurological disorders. It plays an important role as a complementary diagnostic tool in veterinary medicine, indicating any areas of abnormality and suggesting where to concentrate further diagnostic imaging or treatment.
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Advanced Regenerative Care - IRAP

IRAP : is the name of an anti-inflammatory therapy that is often use as an alternative to steroid injections for joint injuries. The use of this therapy blocks one of the major inflammatory substances that the body releases in the event of injury from causing inflammation. Without inflammation, tissue healing can occur in an organized manner and tissue re-injury can be avoided. The process of IRAP production occurs naturally in the horse; however, amplifying the amount of IRAP around the injured area within the joint has a more dramatic and quicker healing effect than the naturally process.

Advanced Regenerative Care - PRP

Helping the body regenerate a damaged region with its own cells. These Advanced Treatments include:
PRP (PLATELET RICH PLASMA): Therapy delivers a high concentration of blood platelets to a lesion, increasing the amount of growth factors and other cells that help aid healing at the site of injury. The concentrated blood platelets, collected from the patient’s own blood, directly injected into the lesion or to multiple areas immediately surrounding the lesion, to aid in healing.

Shock Wave therapy

It has been used for many years in the treatment of sports related injuries in human medicine. More recently this technology has been developed for use in the treatment of a number of equine injuries.
The ideas behind the benefit of shock wave therapy are that the waves massage tissues, cause a mild inflammatory response which ‘jump-starts’ the healing of quiescent damaged tissues, increases activity of certain cells involved in the healing process and numbs nerves resulting in a reduction of pain sensation.


In recent years the equine veterinary industry has seen significant developments in the diagnosis and treatment of equine gastric ulcers. We are pleased to say we have not been left behind and are offering gastroscopy


Poor performance & lameness assessment

Lameness examinations can be conducted both at your yard or at the clinic. Assessment, palpation, nerve blocking and imaging can all be conducted . Your horse can even be left with us for the duration of the work up to allow you flexibility, and our vets the time, to conduct a thorough examination.

In house laboratory

Having installed state of the art Abaxis laboratory machines we now have the ability to run in house blood tests allowing for same day results for a number of conditions. The Abaxis biochemistry machine allows us to run full or selected biochemical profiles including muscle, liver and kidney parameters, proteins and electrolytes. With Abaxis hematology analyzer provides us with a full analysis of red and white cells allowing for measurements of hydration status, levels of infection and anemia.
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Routine dentistry

The practice provides a wide range of dental treatments from routine rasping and wolf tooth extraction to diagnostics of more advanced dental conditions.

Radiography and ultrasonography

Our advanced imaging modalities allow us to diagnose and treat a range of orthopedic and soft tissue ailments or injuries. Our state of the art veterinary x-ray machine allows us to be fully mobile, provide diagnosis and treatments at your yard and deal with any emergencies requiring imaging at the site of the incident. It allows us to travel to vettings requiring full sets of x rays on the yard saving clients the need to arrange transport. The speed of image acquisition, diagnostic quality and portability will allow us to offer a superior diagnostic tool to our client base far and wide.

Routine and preventative health care

Our preventative healthcare services aim to keep your horse in top health and condition throughout the year. These include vaccinations, routine dental care, worming, dietary requirements and supplementation.

On yard diagnostics and treatment

Providing convenience and experience our yard visits allow flexibility and the ability to treat your horse or pony from the comfort of their own home. If further work ups or investigations are required, our clinic based facilities allow for more in depth diagnostics and treatment.